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About Us

Our Story

The digitization of business changed the face of the Indian market – but left untouched the 850 million strong rural heartland of the country. Ehaat was created to fill this very gap, providing e-commerce solutions to the remotest corners of the country, where the demand for branded products has so far met with little scope for lifestyle transformation. Deeply entrenched in rural India, we are currently building infrastructure to reach this large, vital market through its online platform and offline partnerships.

Partners Of Rural India

Drawing on the 8 decade-long industry-leading experience of its parent company, Dhampur Sugar Mill, Ehaat looks to provide unparalleled insights and innovative marketing solutions, retailers and institutions. Reaching deep into the Indian interiors, we are committed to creating a network of services in a newly connected India - based on a close understanding of cultural nuances and local economic behaviours, sensitivities, and preferences. Ehaat as a subsidiary of DSM, provides doorstep delivery of branded Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, FMCG products, Smartphones, Agricultural tools, Fertilizers and Pesticides for the first time in the rural market, bringing the efficiency of digital commerce to the untouched local businesses that have the potential to thrive off it.

Marrying the unique local market with organized trade that has so far remained largely within the urban sphere, Ehaat functions using a hybrid platform that connects villages with industry through our 1600+ internet enabled franchises. These enable over 3,00,000+ customers to interact with a variety of products and services including Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, FMCG products, Smartphones, Agricultural tools, Fertilizers and Pesticides with regular additions of several new products. Under the trusted name of DSM, we can thus remain familiar and accessible to the otherwise remote rural market and provide complete marketing, distribution and fulfilment services for merchant partners, relying on our lean distribution model to ensure profitability.


Ehaat aims to become comprehensive platform to fulfill the aspirations of the changing face of rural India via tech enabled logistics network which bridges the gap between Rural and Urban.


To transform lives in small town and rural India, by enabling access to big brands & quality products at competitive cost, with convenient availability and great customer care; and provide new opportunities to create successful entrepreneurs so that when they succeed , we succeed.


Core Team

Gautam Goel


Rahul Mehta


Raj Singh

Head Strategy

Anuj Sharma

Head Operations

Connect your Brand with Rural India

With its continuous efforts in pioneering rural distribution system, Ehaat has an established network of 5000+ village retail points that connects rural consumers to the Ehaat ecommerce platform. Our village retail points are the best last mile connection between brands and consumers. As a marketing initiative of Dhampur Sugar mills, a trusted brand with a rural presence of over 80 years, Ehaat is advantageously poised with rural consumers.

Ehaat’s wide acceptance in remote rural areas make it a major platform in connecting big brands to the totally untapped rural market. It connects big brands to the customers in remote rural regions with its inhouse logistics for serving the last mile delivery. Ehaat’s omni channel network enables retail partners to sell products and services to rural consumers at very effective prices.

  • 5000+ Villages Covered

  • 1 Cr Rural Customer Served

  • 2000+ Retail Partner

  • 10 Lakh+ SKU’s Sold on our Platform

Ehaat Distribution Platform

  • Last Mile Delivery

  • Vast Rural Reach

  • Promotions

  • Catalogue Management

  • Multiple Channels

  • 2000+ Retail Partner